Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tamil Nadu Emu Scams and its aftermath

In continuation with my last post Shake-up in Tamil Nadu, I am going to analyze some of the outcomes of this episode, created by Susi Emu Farms, and KG Bright, etc.

There are 36,000 farmers, with an average investment of Rs.1,50,000/-, have been duped as per the Government of Tamil Nadu reports. The scam amount is very high, approximately, Rs.600 Crores. The largest ever in India in the history of Agricultural Commercial Sector.

Mr. Guru, MD of Susi Emu Farms
These events are currently happening in Tamil Nadu:

  1. The feed for the birds is supposedly to be provided by the Contracting companies. These    companies has folded up, and No feed is received by Farmer. Farmers, as they used to grow animals in their backyard, couldn't tolerate the hunger of Emu birds. They are spending from their own pocket. The cost of feed is Rs.20/Kg per bird per day, which is unsustainable for a Farmer.
  2. Farmers wanted to cash-out their Emu birds, since they are left with that as their only collateral against this scam. Everyone wants to sell, which we see the prices for Emu Birds are crashing like anything. An Adult Emu bird of 18 months is now available really cheap.
  3. Many farmers unable to find buyers to sell the birds, they are slaughtering the birds for big functions like Marriages, festivals, etc. This trend has already started in Erode, Salem and Tirunelveli Districts. Again, the birds are sold at far cheaper price than imaginable.
  4. Government of Tamil Nadu, has announced that it will feed the birds until they are grown up, and will sell to encash and return the deposits to Farmers. Government is selling Emus..???? Strange..!!!

The repercussions are:

  • Price of Adult Emu Bird will continue to crash.
  •  The price of Emu chicks will be unimaginably cheaper, this season.
  •  Many hatcheries may not be functioning this time, hence, thousands of Eggs are going to be available at a far cheaper price.
  •  Emu Meat will be popularised, as it is going to be available at a cheaper cost to common public.

After reading upto this, are you optimistic or pessimistic about emu farming?


  • If you want to set up the Emu Farm, this is the good period to buy Adult Emu birds with cheapest initial investment. Buy 18-month birds or less, hence, you wouldn't have to face the issue of handling the eggs this season.
  • If you have more funds, you can set-up hatcheries, and buy up Eggs in the market at cheaper price. I forecast the cost of chicks will come down this time heavily, hence, you might have to keep all your hatched emu chicks for future use (Meat Industry). Feeding them for atleast one year is going to cost a good amount of money.
  • Emu Meat is now widely consumed, as it is cheaper than Mutton and Beef. Once people accustomed to it, and taste buds are happy, you have good times ahead. A whole new segment of Meat Market is going to be open.

Time and again, I have strongly advocated about the survival of Emu industry is relied only on Emu Meat and its Oil. This is becoming a reality now.

Be clear that, this year is a shake-up period for Emu Industry. Only strong players will remain hang on to the sport. Weak players will fall off sideways. The Industry will start flourishing from the next season onwards, because of strong demand for Emu Meat and its Oil. Hold tight...!!!

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ashish naval said...

Thanks for your nice advice for all emu farmers as well as the prospect farmers too, yes it’s a fact that can’t be denied that emu is gonna rock for sure. This availability of emu meat might drop some farms but will surely raise the trend of emu meat in consumers, as you said next year will be a business year for the players of this industry. Thanks again for such a wonderful details of emu industry,
Best regards and wishes from
Ashish Naval
Creative Director
Solan Emu Farms
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