Friday, July 1, 2011

Status of Emu Slaughtering Houses in Tamil Nadu

I spoke to few big emu farm owners last week. I got good news on the emu slaughtering houses with some concrete plans.

Jeevan Emu Farm is expected to start operation in their Slaughtering House by early weeks of August 2011. The Plant location is near Saanarpatty, Dindigul (TN). Jeevan has already started their Contract farming in a large scale last year. I have mentioned in detail about their scheme in my earlier post.  Mr. Rajapandiyan, CEO of Jeevan Emu Farms has indicated that they will shortly commence the operation in the Emu Slaughtering house tentatively in first week of August 2011.

The big player, Susi Emu Farms (SUMU), has their slaughtering house is on the cards before Dec 2011, after signing a consultancy agreement the past weeks. The Marketing for emu meat and fat will be done by an Industry Veteran (name withheld by request). I understand from that Friend is that they have secured a Meat Order from Overseas, which requires to cull 850 adult birds a month to produce the required quantity.

Also, Susi Emu farm has started expanding their business in Southern Districts after opening up branches under their umbrella.

The other two parties waiting in the sideline to pick up the slaughtering house business are VC Emu Farms, Salem, and MMT Emu Farms, Karur. I do not have an idea about these two, but, they have potential since they hold large quantities, in Tens of Thousands, of Emu Birds under their Contract Farming business.

It's very clear that the Emu Industry is finally kick starting in Tamil Nadu.

It's a good news, isn't it?