Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The recent spate of scam claims in Tamil Nadu

There are recent newspaper reports stating that one company from Gopichettipalayam has duped hundreds of farmers with Rs. 14 Crores. People behind the company has disappeared, and Police is investigating the case now.

The reports are attached here (thanks to Junior Vikatan and Pasumai Vikatan Magazines):

There was another report, in a leading Agricultural Magazine, Pasumai Vikatan, which is as follows:

The advertisements, which caused many people to flock into these bogus farms, are interestingly offering exhorbitant incomes. The advertisements (thanks to Daily Thanthi) listed below are all found in one Leading Tamil Daily, Daily Thanthi, on the same day, Sunday.

One company offers even Cars and Bikes as a promotional gifts for the customers. People are often get confused that is there such money in this business.

As we have discussed earlier in several blogs, these are just selling dreams, and creating a black hole, where money legally ends at and dried up.

If there are more than 5 companies does that, there will be a crash in the Emu Prices, which will see a big shake-up in the Emu Market. It will take atleast few years to recover. When it recovers, only handful of big companies will remain, and they will be the real winners, and real Emu Farm Companies.

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