Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Contract Emu Farming - Some Warnings

Recently some distasteful news in the Media about Emu Business from Maharashtra, which was disheartening. 

There are two sides to a coin. One side is the people who simply ready to be duped with tons of ignorance and Money, and the Other side is the People who design their schemes such that most appealing to a common man to part with his Money and Confidence. This applies to Finance Companies to Forex Companies, and Emu Business is not an exception to this White-Collar Crime.

Before someone new to this industry end-up in a similar scam, there are some valid points to look for before investing in Emu Schemes, whether it is Contract Emu Farming or MLM-type Schemes. We will be seeing them here.

In any Business, there has to be a product. In Emu Business, Meat & Oil are the products (Eggs are only for reproduction and is not a product). These are the two main reasons for which, Emus have to be culled. Culling for reasonable economic values is the essential key to this Business. If there is no culling and no regeneration, the cycle never completes. 

Before you invest and Sign a contract with a Contract Emu Farming Company, please look into the following aspects.

I put them into pointers:
  • In an Emu Contract Farming Business - Check whether they have processing plants to produce Meat and Oil. Emu Processing Unit (EPU), as they are called, are setup to cull birds hygienically, and cut meat as required by Market. If the Emu Contract Farming Company does not have EPU and proper Marketing Arrangements to market the meat, do not invest your money with them.
  •  If the Emu Contract Farming Business offers you more than Rs.350/- per month per bird, double check their past history, and also check whether they already have the EPU. It might be possible that they need more birds for their busy EPU, so they offer higher premium. If not, they are luring you and your money, because it is simply not viable to run at this cost for long-term.  This also applies to giving Gold Coins as an Incentive to join. Simply, doubt them.
  • If the Emu Contract Farming Business is based on the Multi-Level-Marketing mode, never involve into this. You will earn only bad reputation for yourself, because you are false-promising many people into that.  Stay away from these kind of schemes.
With the advent of few big names in the industry doing Emu Contract Farming in large scale has raised concerns for many. Because the amount involved is running into Crores of Rupees. The tipping point for this industry will flower once the Emu Meat is well liked by the end-users. For that to happen, Emu Meat must be freely available on the market first.

Emu business will sustain and grow only when there is a usage, that means, a Market for Meat. This can be achieved only through selling its Meat for consumers and Oil for Pharmaceutical Industries. That day is not too far.


Balaji Emu Farms said...

The article comes at the right time. People interested into Emu Farming need to double check on these schemes before investing their money.

Kiran Jose said...

The article is very informative for those willing to enter into a contract as it reveals pros and cons of entering such a thing.

madhu said...

I am very much interested after reading this articular this is the basically information if we are starting business .

Naga said...

Hi sir. The info u gave is very useful. can you plz suggest me where i can get detailed info on farming. I need info like investment.