Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Emu Meat Sector Updates - 3-Aug-2011

I managed to speak to Dr. S.K.Maini on the Emu Meat Sector Developments, and It was fruitful to know lot of facts from him. FYI, Dr. S.K. Maini is one of the pioneers in Emu Farming Industry in India. He is running a NGO, focusing on Emu Products, named AGRIBIOTEK. 

Currently Dr.S.K.Maini is running an Emu Processing Unit (EPU) in Hyderabad with a capacity of 40 birds per day, which sees increasing demand for Emu Meat. The Emu meat is locally marketed, fat is sent to the processing unit. Emu skins are being collected & preserved, once they are approx 500 in number they will be sent for tanning.

The Price is Rs.270/Kg live weight, delivered at their EPU. 

Another Farmer, Mr. Suresh is running a similar sized EPU, but he sells the meat beyond Hyderabad, say, upto Chandigarh and Punjab. Another two similar units are coming up near Hyderabad and one in Nanded. 

In Tamil Nadu, Mr. Jegan Mohan of VR3 Emu farm is helping and advising aspiring entrepreneurs to set up EPUs by providing Consultancy and Marketing Tie-up. Mr. Jegan Mohan is one of the earliest Emu Farmer in TN and his VR3 Emu Farm has also procured license to process EMU OIL, as per Indian Regulatory Requirements. 

Susi Emu Farm and Jeevan Emu Care are coming up with their own EPUs. The procurement for them mostly will come through their Contract Farming.  VC Emu farm has a similar strategy, but there is no information on their EPU.

Vileena EPU is progressing towards to starting its operations in December 2011. 

Other than this established/establishing players, I have seen numerous local emu farmers, who regularly slaughter Emus for Meat to feed their Emu Meat Lovers in their city only during festivals. 

I am keep mentioning that Emu Business will be successful only if there is availability and consumption of Emu Meat in India. That's started happening now. The promotion and advertisement has not started at all. In general, Promotion and ad spending will start happening once there is a sizeable production capacity in place, and we can expect that too to be happening soon. 

Contact Details:

Dr.S.K.Maini - (98480 14071)
Mr.Jegan Mohan - (94426 35308)


sandip patel said...

yes Mr suresh and Dr maini has stated their processing unit succesfully which was i commented in your previous blog

thanks for such a good information

A. B. said...

Encouraging news..

Anonymous said...

this is good news for new farmer like me thank you for sharing the information and when the vileena emu EPU starts

Techie2aggie said...

Thanks for the info..