Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Good News on Emu Slaughtering Houses

I recently had discussion with few industry veterans about the upcoming emu slaughtering units in and around Tamil Nadu and AP. They were very positive and confident about the slaughtering business, and I noticed that they are bit worried too, for not going to get enough stocks for the Slaughtering house. This will initiate a supply/demand gap, possibly in the coming year 2011/2012.

The Good News is that, Vileena Emu (AP) will be starting their Slaughtering House in July, same goes for Jeevan Emu Farm, Dindigul (TN). In addition to these two, I understand that another few units are coming up, and I am getting more details about them. Soon, I will bring those information here.

The price offered are Rs.250/Kg live bird weight at the Slaughter House Gate. This seems to be pretty standard rate. I believe this rate will go up once the Emu Meat Market demand is picking up.

The Bright lights are started showing up in Emu Farming Industry in India. It's a good news, indeed.


yash said...

its a good news in this circumstances whereas some news channels flash bad future of Emu Farming in Maharashtra, now a days more than 1000 farmers in the business of Emu Farming for them its a very good news for this business survivals let update growth in this area for the sake of Emu Farming & betterment of our farmer brotherns,

Cover crops said...

Can you tell me that are your running a this birds for slaughtering?

mohini said...

its very good news coz this industry is facing many problems, after flshing the news on tv channel more confusions are raising.My best wishes for this Emu Slaughtering Houses.

mreddy said...

please spread the news...for the farmers who are waiting to sell their chicks....it is really gud news for all the EMu farmers