Thursday, May 26, 2011

Updated: Impact of Free Goats to Farmers in TN on Emu farming.

An Update (10th July 2011): 

Tamil Nadu Govt has announced that they are going to give 4 goats for each family for 7 lakh families in Tamil Nadu over a period of 5 years. Hence, TN will need 28 lakh (2.8 million) goats for 5 years and 1900 goats every day.

The Age of the goats will be 4-6 months. The eligible families shall not have any agricultural land. An officer will accompany them to the nearby market to buy the goat kids, and the government will borne the transport charges for bring the goat kids to home.

Will the goat farmers sell 4-6 months kids in large numbers?... Some body can clarify..!!??

Impact of Free Goats to Farmers in TN on Emu farm

Newly sworn-in TN Govt has promised to give away free goats for poor farmers to create a livelyhood for them. The BPL (Below Poverty Line) is ascribed at 22.5% of the TN population, which is roughly 32 lakh families (assuming 5 in a family). Each family will be given 4 goats, which will be 1.30 crores Goats in 5 years, which is 2.1 lakh goats every month, which turns out to be 7000 goats every day irrespective of holidays. 

So, Tamil Nadu is going to need 7,000 goats every day to give away to poor Farmers.

This is in addition to the existing consumption, which is already suffering the supply constraints. The poor supply for daily consumption of goat meat has already raised the goat meat prices past Rs.300/Kg mark.

What do you think the Goat Meat prices will be heading to....??

If it exceeds Rs.350/Kg mark, and still people wanted to eat Meat for purpose or pleasure, either the Beef will be entering into this area, or meats like Emu meat can take that place.

Are Emu breeders ready to take up this opportunity? Are they listening...???

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