Friday, August 20, 2010

Emu Meat - Some Commercial Aspects

Emu Meat is already getting into food plates in some selected cities in India.

There was a hype in the Emu Farming community for not going into slaughtering. That is, we need more emu birds to feed the population if they are tasted and addicted to emu meat. Verily True. But, if we wait for the time to come, the small farming community will find it unable to feed the emu birds and chicks, and eventually collapse. This is a happening in Tamil Nadu now.

In an average, a Emu chick eats 0.5 Kg per day for first 12 months (Note, in an average... actually it increases from 100g to 200g and upto 650 grams per day when it reaches 12 months). When it reaches 18 months, it will start eating 1000grams per day. But the growth is from 450 grams it will reach 45, 000 grams - a whopping 100 times growth in 18 months.

Let's look into some statistics of Emu Meat's commercial aspect:

If you look deep into the chart above, you will see Fully grown Emu (18+ months) weighs around 40-45 Kg. Let's take 40 Kg in a moderate account.

Live Weight: 40 Kg
Feather, etc: 10 Kg (considered waste, but somehow people can sell it for some money.)
Meat: 20 Kg (In Indian conditions, we don't completely remove bones in the saleable meat)
Bones: 5 Kg (reasonably big bones)
FAT: 5 Kg (the fat shall be blood-free, means, no blood droplets shall be found in the fat).

To feed enthusiastic and health-conscious upper middle-class and above, they will be frenzied about this meat. It is beleived that rheumatism subsidies after eating emu meat. Currently they are paying around 300-450 per Kg, but when the demand is high, and the supply is low, the price will go up. Now more people will be frenzied about emu farming, and jump into it. Just remember, we are still growing emus in a seasonal agri-business industry.

In simple terms, for regular daily demand of emu meat, we have only a seasonal supply, which obviously shows the demand is always going to be higher than the supply. This simple fact tells you about the future of emu farming.

Other hype is that there is a huge export market out there. Export Market is there, but not huge. Even if it is cost effective to produce in India, India is still not considered a hygienic source to import from. Many western countries shun India as a source for Emu Meat. This is a image problem. Only orchestrated effort from Government of India can do to overcome and rebuild.

Okay, when you are selling the meat like hot cake on cash-terms locally, why do you want to export at a lower cost in credit terms. Moreover, If you cannot meet the local demand, why do you think of exporting them. So, just forget about Export of Emu meat.

Have you tasted the emu meat, yet?


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Have u started any emu farming? said...


I have chicks and breeders for sale, if you want, please contact me through my email or mobile;


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I have started Emu farming and its going on well. I have near Mayajaal for display and I am doing marketing from North india. With my one year of experience, the price of Emu in Tamilnadu and Andhra is 250 % higher than the emu's from North india.