Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Emu Farming Vs Rabbit Farming

One emu enthusiast was asking whether emu farming is like what Rabbit Farming was few years ago.

It is a valid concern, since many hundreds of people lost their money in the MLM-kind (Multi-Level Marketing) of business model of Rabbit Farming. It's not the MLM model that brought this business downswing, but the ultimate end-use was not defined in the business. People who sold the rabbits mentioning the goodness of its meat, never tasted it. It's so sticky or so rubbery, when cooked. It's not a hard meat, as it is mutton or quail or chicken. Indians do not eat this kind of meats. So, the meat never took off. When there is no end use for the product, it cannot grow forever. So, the ultimate stop came in.

Emu Farming is entirely different. First, it is not MLM model. You pay and get worthy emu Chicks. The Emu meat is very nice and affordable for people to buy it. If you look at my previous posts, I have explained about the emu meat requirement and supply. There are several meat shops are popping up. The business is very hectic. I am getting regular call for asking to buy Leg-bend emu chicks for meat purpose. Since, the emu meat is getting very popular and the demand is keep increasing.

One thing, I noticed, would be a hurdle in fixing the price. The feed cost is very high, when we consider growing emu for meat purpose alone. So, either the feed cost must come down, or the meat cost must go up, say to Rs.750/kg.

With the current supply and demand situation for emu meat, I bet it would reach up to Rs.750/Kg, soon.

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Fifi said...

I choice rabbit farming.