Monday, February 27, 2012

Emu Schemes - Maladies of our time

I am seeing a lot, a lot of lot, advertisements in the Tamil Newspapers, Radio and TV Media, for Emu Farming and its dubious schemes. I am little worried about the stupendous nature of the propaganda, and associated 'freebies'.

I am not sure about other states. People can share them in the comments of this blog.

Only one word, beware...!!!  Be cautious about your hard-earned money on these schemes.

Why I am worried?

1. There is no effective meat market developed yet for export or for local sale and there is no symptoms of it, so far. In my opinion, exporting emu meat is simply not profitable. It has to be sold locally.

2. Unimaginable monthly returns are assured and tempted with Gold Coins. In my opinion, the industry is heading to peak for this year 2012 season (September 2012 to February 2013), and will go down for the next season.

3. Officials from Veterinary Departments, preferred to stay away from saying any comments on this business, since they are not very sure of where it is going. There is no guidance or regulations from the government.

So, whom to beleive in? The game is keep going, and let's see how long will it go.

There are several stories are floating. One thing is certain as the money collected is not purely invested in Emu Farming Business alone. It goes somewhere..!!.


Anonymous said...

Good Article, but I heard that one of the big player in Tamil Nadu is constructing a Slaughter House with foreign collaboration and have order to export EMU meat. And moreover one more big player is planning of starting Franchisees of EMU restaurants and have started few outlets in few cities.
Isnt good news and it mentioning that EMU market in local is emerging. Still more discussion on this topic is required.

Madhes said...

Nice Awareness Creating article. Mentioned Money is not completely invested in EMU and it goes somewhere!!!.. Can you make more clear about the amount utilised by EMU Farms collected from Famers.
1. Whether these Farms can be scanned by financial regulatory
2. Any Complaints lodged against those Farms on Financial status.
3. Is it true, money collected from Farmers are invested in other MLM type of business instead in EMU.
4. Is there any way to know the process of those farms

Will be thankful if anyone come with some replies. said...

Yes.. you are right.

I spoke to those two players already, as I know them well.

The news shared by them about other people's practices has worried me.

Ranga said...

In AP i haven't heard of these types of schemes.

Anonymous said...

In AP its starting