Saturday, May 1, 2010

Emu Business Concepts

Emu Farming is a successful business concept, if you have understand how it can be adapted into Indian conditions. There are few concepts ongoing:

1. Sell Emu chicks to small farmers and Brokers

- You need a hatchery and sufficient amount of adult birds to feed the hatchery with eggs. if you do not have adequate eggs, you will buy from outsiders. The resultant emu chicks will be sold to small emu farmers. In turn, these small farmers will insist on agreement to take back their eggs.

2. Sell Emu Chicks on Contract Farming.

- All the set up is as above, except you will be taking back the bird instead of eggs after some time.

3. Sell Emu birds (12-months old) to Abattoir for Meat sales and Fat Oil Extraction.

- This concept is yet to take shape, but this is going to be sustain both of the above methods. If this concept is not taking shape, both the above concepts will die slowly, and eventually, the emu farming industry will disappear from the Indian Soil.

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